Monday, April 16, 2007

Zorro: Capítulos 41-45 (Apr 9 - Apr 13)

Diego and Esmeralda (photo: Telemundo)

This was a real "Zorro" week, with action, intrigue and romance with Diego in Zorro mode more than usual.

Diego's and Alejandro's wedding nights turned out to be somewhat unconventional. After el Comandante Montero sprang the news about Esmeralda's pregnancy at the wedding part, claiming it was his child, Diego went off, put on his Zorro gear and abducted a willing Esmeralda from Montero's couch on its way home, knocking about a dozen of Montero's troops unconscious and beating Montero in a sword fight in the process. So he spent his first night married to Mariángel sleeping with her sister Esmeralda.

Alejandro ended the wedding party when the senile sword-fighting teacher Tobías brought from Spain to identify Zorro by spotting one of his former students fingered Tobías himself as Zorro. Capitán Pizarro arrested him, and Alejandro had had enough so he ended the party. But then he went out to search for Diego, accompanied by Yumalay. But there came a torrential downpour, and the two of them holed up in a barn. And there Alejandro finally lost his battle against temptation and the two of them made love. Yumalay is happy. Alejandro is a caballero (gentleman), so he feels pretty guilty about the whole thing. But he made up for it by making love to his new wife Almudena the next morning. The poor guy must have been exhausted after all that!

Montero once again showed his general scumminess by declaring he would kill one whole poor family per day until Zorro brought back Esmeralda, hoping it would draw Zorro into a trap and also enhance his reputation as a ruthless dude. But Zorro rounded up some peasants who stormed the market square just before Montero was about to murder the first family. And with the help of some smoke bombs from Zorro, they routed Montero and his soldiers. Zorro left Esmeralda in her bed convincingly bound and gagged, to the chagrin of Montero's men guarding the house.

Zorro/Diego (photo: Telemundo)

The Virrey almost discovered Sara Kalí in the prison, but gave up, convinced she wasn't there. So he turned the prison back over to Montero and headed back to Mexico City, saying he was going to use the failure to discredit Alejandro's ally the Marquesa, who had told him about the woman in the prison.

Padre Tomás and Zorro enlisted the Cofradía to help spring Sara Kalí. By the end of the week, it looked like Olmos was about ready to put his own plan into motion to free Sara Kalí. But the previews make it look like Olmos has bad intentions for her, after all. That wouldn't be a huge surprise.

And María Pia was on the verge of marrying el Gobernador Fernando at a church in the country at the end of the week. We don't know if Almudena will intervene in time to stop them, but she was following them and she swore to Fernando she won't let him marry María Pia. Almudena knows that Fernando's first wife Sara Kalí is still alive.


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