Monday, April 16, 2007

Confederate "Heritage" Month, April 17: The General on Confederate-American pride

Today's Confederate Heritage post is dedicated to the General, Jesus' General that is. The General runs one of the best satirical sites I've ever seen, focused on the crackpottery of the Radical Right, which is becoming increasingly synonomous with today's authoritarian Republican Party.

Mainstreaming Our Confederate-American Heritage 04/16/07, the General sends a letter to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, one of the leading Christian Right organizations right now, in the orbit of James Dobson:

As much as I enjoyed the part of your "Reclaiming America for Christ" sermon where you took Islamunism to task for being a very violent religion, I found the last part, the piece centered around the story of Phineas, to be much more uplifting. It's a story we just don't hear enough in these politically correct times. Thankfully, people like you aren't afraid to hold up the story of Phineas, and his use of impalement as a means of combating miscegenation, as an example of what Christianism should be and what American Christianism is becoming.

Sure there were others who preached the gospel of Phineas before you - good Confederate-Americans and heroes of the Heartland like Joseph Paul Franklin, Eric Rudolph, Byron De La Beckwith, Buford Furrow, and Paul Hill - but none of them had the kind of standing you have. You're the only person who has the ability and the will to take the Phineas Priesthood into the mainstream.
In a follow-up comment, My response to the Army of God 04/14/07, he amends one part of his previous day's post, directed to some rightwinger who left a comment:

Thank you for leaving a comment on my Mainstreaming Our Confederate -American Heritage post. You're absolutely right. I erred in labeling Eric Rudolph a terrorist. It was a typo. I meant to call him a Hero of the Glorious Conservative Christian Cultural Revolution. While I freely admit that I'm a terrible typist, I have no idea how I could have gotten so many letters wrong - that is, I have no explanation other than it must have been the work of Satan, or as Tommy Thompson might claim in a friendly, respectful, and complimentary kind of way, the Jews.

Fortunately, my readers are all good god-fearing people. They understood what I meant. They know how I feel about Rudolf's war against Christianity's greatest enemy, the Olympics. They've witnessed my own anger over the blasphemy that is greco-roman wrestling, a "sport" that makes a mockery of the greatest of the ancient warrior traditions, Spartan-style wrestling, by requiring that the contestants be clothed and their Spears of Manly Domination remain sheathed.
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