Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Maverick speaks on the Iraq War

That bold Maverick McCain just gave his much-anticipated April 11 Speech on Iraq. It was mostly the usual cheerleading, trash-the-Democrats stuff.

He did have this rousing line: "We have a long way to go, but for the first time in four years, we have a strategy that deals with how things really are in Iraq and not how we wish them to be."

Well, we've screwed things up for four years, longer than the US was in the Second World War, while I and most other Republicans were constantly telling you how great things were going. But, trust me, now we've got a strategy that might someday work and do, well, something we'll be able to call "Mission Accomplished". Now, that should send people flocking to the Army recruiting offices!

He also had a message for Democrats about what happens when they cooperate with today's Republicans on the Iraq War. The bold Maverick said:

Democrats in Congress and their leading candidates for President, heedless of the terrible consequences of our failure, unanimously confirmed our new commander, and then insisted he be prevented from taking the action he believes necessary to safeguard our country's interests.
The Dems approved Bush's candidate for commanding general, and the Reps act like it was an across-the-board endorsement of Bush's war policies. So, when the Republicans offer some kind of compromise on the war spending bill that removes the withdrawal deadlines, the Democratic leadership should remember that if they support it, the Reps will claim that as an endorsement of Bush's war policies.

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