Sunday, April 1, 2007

Doom on the horizon for Democrats?

Ronald Brownstein, LA Times political columnist whose wife works for John McCain (as he mentions in his column), sees Warning signs for the Democrats Los Angeles Times 03/30/06.

Brownstein sees a couple of dire problems for the Democrats. One is that the Democrats have to fight with the Cheney-Bush adminsitration a lot. God forbid that the voters should see the Democrats fighting for what the voters want!

Another is that the Democratic Presidential contenders don't always beat the Republican candidates in every opinion poll. And it's only 19 months until the election! How, how, how will the Democratic candidates win with numbers like that this close to the election?!?

Brownstein doesn't mention one of the biggest hurdles for the Democrats in 2008: the fact that our dysfunctional press corps, including those whose spouses aren't working for Republican Presidential candidates at the moment, are such suckers for GOP talking points.

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