Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cheney's attempt to shoot McGovern in the face (metaphorically speaking)

The Dark Lord speaking to the rightwing Heritage Foundation 04/13/07

If you want to check out Cheney's comments to which George McGovern was responding in the op-ed I quoted in my last post, here's a news story on it:
Cheney Berates Democrats on War by Peter Baker Washington Post 04/14/07.

The full text is available at the White House Web site:
Vice President's Remarks to the Heritage Foundation 04/13/07.

Although anything that comes out of Cheney's mouth reminds me of what Harry Truman said once when a reporter asked him about one of Joe McCarthy's whoppers. Truman said he hadn't heard it, and added (quoting from memory), "But if that fellow McCarthy said it, it's a damn lie, you can be sure about that."

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