Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Proof of life after death *Updated*

Rolling Stone Keith Richards (Photo:AP)

Keith Richards clearly died about 25 years ago. But he's still walking around, singing, giving interviews, performing and generally being productive in his prolonged zombie state.

I think it's pretty impressive!

Update: What do zombies do with their time when they aren't out in public? Stuff like this, I guess:
Richards: I snorted my dad's ashes, and they went down well by Thair Shaikh Independent 04/04/07

No, the headline writer wasn't being cute. Does it count as cannibalism if you inhale rather than swallow? This reminds me of Freud's primal myth of, well, Oedipal conflict in prehistory, let's say.

And they criticize poor Britney Spears for just shaving her head!


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