Sunday, May 6, 2007

Zorro: Capítulos 55-59 (Apr 30 - May 4)

Her current mask is heavier than Zorro's (Photo: Telemundo)

My Zorro summaries are going to be shorter than usual for the next three weeks. But I'll try to do updates all along.

This past week, political drama was still in center stage. Esmeralda wound up back in the prison, this time in Sara Kalí's iron mask. Montero caught up with their group and Pizarro convinced Montero that he was intended to betray Esmeralda and Sara Kalí. Fortunately, Renzo realized that because Pizarro sent someone to follow him as he went to contact Sara Kalí and the other gitanos on the run. At the end of the week, she was still free but wanted to go back to save Esmeralda.

Montero because more and more dicatorial and more and more paranoid as time goes on. His men caught Alejandro and were dragging him to the prison to be executed. But Zorro, still suffering from amnesia but back in the saddle, came and rescued him. Alejandro is beginning to suspect - and may have already concluded - that Zorro is really Diego.

Zorro in one of his earlier movie incarnations

I've been joking about Alejandro's polygamy with Almudena and Yumalay. But this week they made it pretty much explicit in a conversation between Alejandro and his sister María Pia. When she heard that Yumalay was Regina's younger sister, she smirked and asked if Almudena knew what that means in her tribe's customs. Alejandro said, yes, she's my second wife. María Pia said matter-of-factly, "Almudena will never understand the native customs". But the two of them treated it as a practical matter, not as any kind of scandal.

Mariángel is pregnant with Montero's baby, but she told Diego it was his. Diego definitely doesn't trust her, and he's on the verge of remembering Esmeralda. Meanwhile, the Queen and the evil duke are preparing to head for America.

More intrigue and romance can be expected to follow.


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