Thursday, May 17, 2007

Democracy and the rule of law really are in trouble in the US

I mean, we knew that already.  But every week now seems to bring new evidences of what we all guessed, that the Cheney-Bush administration has been up to even worse things that what we  know.  This administration will be a cornucopia for conspiracy theorists for decades to come.
For analysis of some of the latest revelations see Can You Even Imagine How Bad it Must Have Been? by Marty Lederman Balkinization blog 05/16/07. Lederman is writing about the illegal warrantless spying program that became so drastic in it's criminality that even former Attorney General and committed foe of democratic liberties John Ashcroft didn't want to sign off on it.

That's kind of like trying to imagine something was to cruel for Dick Cheney to approve.

Lederman emphasizes just how outrageous whatever the spying program was doing must have been for Ashcroft to oppose it in such an apparently emphatic matter.

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