Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mickey Mouse, jihadist?

Apparenttly so. According to this article, Mickey Mouse wirbt in Hamas-Sender für Jihad gegen USA und Israel Der Standard (Vienna) 10.05.07, Hamas is running a commercial featuring a Mickey Mouse-like character calling for people to fight against the United States and Israel.

Der Standard is a good paper - part of the "quality press" - of the sort that the United States used to have before Jeff Gerth's first article on Whitewater appeared in 1992 in the New York Times, as good a time-marker as any for when our "press corps" began its descent into haircuts, blowjobs, warmongering and galloping imbecility.

So I'm assuming this is accurate. I would be more skeptical of a report like this in an American paper, thinking it could be some sort of anti-Hamas "information operation". Which it could be. But it looks like a reliable report to me. Standard quotes the Israeli Palestinian Media Watch group but the Hamas source they quote doen't seem to be denying it. The Mickey character is called "Farfour", which Standard translates as "butterfly". (Butterfly?)

Mickey Mouse as an advocate for jihad? Go figure. That is just weird on so many levels.

I wonder if they licensed the rights from Walt Disney for this?


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