Thursday, May 3, 2007

Letting the military have its way

That's a favorite solution to all problems among the blowhard white-guy crowd. Of course, you still have to pick which infallible generals you're going to let have their way...

And it's not always a presciption for sure success. Robert Fisk writes about Ehud Olmert's experience with doing what his military wanted in the 2006 Lebanon War (
Olmert undone by the militia he said he could destroy Independent 05/03/07):

A close reading of the interim report of Judge Eliahou Winograd's report on the summer war - to which Mr Olmert himself only granted the title the "Second Lebanon War" a month after it had happened - shows clearly that it was the Israeli army which ran the military, strategic and political campaign. Again and again in Winograd's report it is clear that Mr Olmert and his Defence Minister failed to challenge "in a competent way" (in the commission's devastating phrase) the plans of the Israeli army.
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