Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Herod's tomb

Via Biblical Archaeological Review, "Herod's Tomb Found" 05/08/07, an article by the chief archaeologist of the site of Herod's tomb: Searching for Herod’s Tomb by Ehud Netzer.

The first article linked above reports:

Herod seems to have originally intended his tomb to be inside a mausoleum in Lower Herodium but changed his mind later life and decided to be interred inside the mountain itself. At the top of the mountain Herod had built a fortress, a mountain and a monument; the tomb itself was approached by a monumental staircase about 21-feet wide.

Herod’s ornate sarcophagus, however, had been smashed in ancient times, likely by participants of the First Jewish Revolt against Rome (67-70 A.D.)—a reflection of how widely hated Herod was by his subjects, who saw him as a cruel puppet of Rome.
BAR also gives a link to this article: Researcher: We have found Herod's tomb byAmiram Barkat Ha'aretz 05/08/07.


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