Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cordesman on Iraq, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf

Anthony Cordesman has a new presentation-style paper out on Iraq, the Gulf, Afghanistan: The Way Ahead (Center for Strategic and International Studies) 05/01/07. It includes these observations on the role of Pakistan:

Pakistan’s Dangerous Role

Little doubt Pakistani government now tolerates Al Qa’ida, Taliban, other insurgent operations.

Peace agreement with tribal leaders on September 5th [2006] in North Waziristan was de facto surrender.

India, Kashmir, Baluchi separatism, Pashtun question, support of native Islamists have higher Pakistani government priority than war on terrorism.

Act as de facto government in parts of Eastern Pakistan.

Some Madrassas are Taliban and Al Qa’ida bases, some virtually on border with Afghanistan.

Parts of Army like 11th Division do seem committed to opposing Al Qa'ida and Taliban.

Pakistani ISI is divided but some elements clearly aid insurgents.
Be sure to check out pages 16 (A Surge Without a Strategy: Uncertain Civil-Military Time Lines) and 17 (The Real Long-Term "Plan"). Does Cordesman have access to the Secret Plan To End The War? Well, a hint: his page on the plan has more than one question mark and "No Plan" on it.


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