Friday, May 25, 2007

Viva Zorro!

(Photo: Telemundo)

It's going to be a few days before I can get back to my usual posting schedule.

But I've been keeping up with the Zorro saga through the
Caray Caray blog, which provides detailed daily (English) summaries of Zorro and various other telenovelas.

Cathy, Marycelis and Jean are providing the Zorro summaries. They#ve come up with some nifty nicknames for the characters. My favorite is Mariángel's: "Mangle".

The Web site also provides some video snippets and (Spanish) summaries, but none nearly so detailed and entertaining as those at Caray Caray. Here's a sample of Cathy's commentary, from her summary of the episode of May 21:

Meanwhile, at the de la Vega hacienda, Mariangel is trying to convince Diego that she can make him forget Esme. He has some painful flashes of Esme [Esmeralda] being beaten by Monty [el Comandante Montero], it’s as if he has a psychic connection with her.....remember those Time-Life Mysteries of the Unknown book ads---somewhere on the East coast a twin burns her hand and halfway across the country her sister feels it (cue creepy music, etc.)... OK well anyway, that’s what I’m reminded of from this story line. So Diego feels Esme’s pain and Mangle wants to know what’s going on with him. He tells her he’s going to his room. She’s at a loss and follows him to find out what’s up. He has some more flashes, this time of Pizarro whipping him while Monty forced Esme to watch. Diego is physically pained by this and Mangle sees this and demands to know what’s going on with him. He yells at her to leave him alone. So Mangle goes to find Dolores and tells her that Diego is acting strange and she’s worried about him (ulcer 1). Dolores says no way José is she going to allow another person to get sick in this house, dealing with Almudena is enough! Mangle tells Dolo that Diego wants to be alone, but Dolo doesn’t care what Diego wants, she’s going to see him whether he likes it or not. Dolofinds Diego and realizes that it is Esme he’s upset about. She tells him that she knows he’s suffering and will never forget a love like he shared with Esme. He tells Dolo that he feels as if Esme were still alive. Dolo tells him that is a natural feeling that happens to everyone when someone they love dies.
Cathy gives an "ulcer count" of the plot twists that give the characters something to worry about. That episode rated five ulcers.

A lot has happened since my last Old Hickory's Weblog Zorro summary. But Zorro has his momory back and is giving el Comondante Montero hell. And the Marquesa Carmen Santillana de Roquette is back on the scene, not only helping her friends the De la Vegas but also helping Kalí to take her rightful throne as Queen of Spain. Renzo and Sor Suplicios are on the run from slave traders who captured them but they escaped. Sor Suplicios' old demon is now in Samba the escaped African slave but somehow he's helping Renzo and Suplicios.

More complications to come, I'm certain.


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