Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sad but probably true

It really is sad to say it. But what Glenn Greenwald writes in Bill Kristol and Fred Kagan's war games Unclaimed Territory blog 01/20/07 is probably about right:

The military establishment, the political establishment, the American public, and increasingly elected officials in both political parties have abandoned this war and oppose the surge. The war - literally - is basically being run by a handful of war-hungry extremist ideologues out of the American Enterprise Institute who are driven by an insatiable appetite for endless war on various Middle Eastern countries and little else. They are backed up by Weekly Standard and Fox News (starring John McCain and Joe Lieberman), and that is all that's left - a tiny band of fringe war-obsessed extremists who are highly unrepresentative of the American public. But that is more than enough to ensure the pointless, wasteful, and tragic continuation, even escalation, of this war because they are the ones to whom the President listens.
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