Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Larry Johnson didn't like Bush's SOTU very much

At least that's what I'm assuming from his post at TPMCafe of 01/23/07, Still Clueless After Six Years, in which he says:

Now, if you paid attention to the Bin Laden check list it probably reminded you a bit of the agenda of our own American religious extremists. What rich irony. A President waiting for the rapture complaining about Islamic extremists who want to destroy us because we are sinners.

That's where the real battle needs to be waged. We need to confront religious extremism and intolerance. The President who presides over a Republican party committed to harassing homosexuals, denying global warming, preaching creationism, and sneering at science is frankly just a couple of steps removed from Islamic crazies hunkered over their prayer mats and praying to Allah.

At least most people of faith in the world - Christians, Moslems, and Jews - are not fanatics. Unfortunately the helm of two countries - the United States and Iran - are in the hands of such fanatics. It is an uncomfortable truth but it is still true. When a President consults his Father in heaven about the decision to invade Iraq, pray tell how that mindset differs from an Osama Bin Laden who is convinced that his God told him to strike the evil in America. Religious nuttery is nuts regardless of the particulars of the theology.
Ouch! Good questions, though. And this guy was a CIA officer. Trained with Valerie Plame.

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