Sunday, January 7, 2007

More persecution for poor Britney

Even the Spanish press has to jump in and spread silly nonsense about poor Boo!

But, hey, who can take seriously a report that can't even spell "Mississippi" right?  From Algo pasa con Britney Spears El País 07.01.07:

Como ellas, Britney (Misisipi, 1981) está encuadrada en la generación Madonna: desde que tiene uso de razón, está pendiente de la material girl, a la que admira por el control que ejerce sobre su imagen y su carrera. (my emphasis)

Okay, okay, so maybe it's the correct Spanish spelling of Mississippi.  At least they didn't use the alternative spelling "Misisipí" which puts the accent on the last syllable.  And that Spanish guy Hernando de Soto is said to be the European "discoverer" of the Mississippi River, so I guess they may have been the first to spell it in a European language.

But still, why do they fell compelled to trash an American icon like Britney, who also happens to be a sweet, sincere young Southern Baptist lady as well?


ceklundesq said...

Alas, poor Britney. First, she ventures out of the house with the likes of Lindsay and Paris but without the likes of her unterhosen, and now this...slandered by Mississippi-mispellin' furriners.

I would imagine that being rich and attractive makes up for a lot of it, but still...

-Charlie Eklund

bmiller224 said...

Yes, it's a sad thing.

But somehow, Britney gets coming out on top of things.  Her detractors may never stop.  But they never win either.