Saturday, January 6, 2007

The AEI war conference

Neocon Central (American Enterprise Institute/AEI) has made available a video of various presentations at their Friday howdown, which is essentially the first step of the political rollout of the Battle of the Surge, which Bush is expected to formally announce this coming Wednesday.

This is worth seeing, because it features some of the leading figures of the Surge, which is probably better called the Over The Cliff Surge, which of course is an escalation as Tanker pointed out the other day: Frederick Kagan, one of the leading neocon idolators of war; Gen. Jack Keane, who seems to be Cheney's and Bush's leading military theorist right now; Sen. Joe "HoJo" Lieberman, alleged Democrat; the marvelous Maverick McCain, boldly advocating the Over the Cliff Surge.

You'll hear the name of H. R. McMasters tossed out a couple of times, too.

If you want to hear several hours of blithering warmongers, confident that their bloody dreams are about to be put into practice by the Cheney-Bush administration.  The shots are being called in the Iraq War right now by reckless, irresponsible men.  These are people dreaming up wars for other people to die in for no good reason.  It's monstrous.

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