Wednesday, January 17, 2007

El País features American icon

It's good to see that the truly valuable and sacred things about America are still appreciated abroad, despite the travesty that we know as the Cheney-Bush administration. In this case, it's that living American icon Britney, who is featured at the front page (online at least!) of the Spanish newspaper El País.

And they featured this nice picture of her, even though the topic of the story is how she, uh, threw up on her new boyfriend: Britney Spears vomita sobre su nuevo novio 18.01.07.

Oh, sure, her detractors will try to use it against her. But Boo always rises above such trivial put-downs from people who don't appreciate the really great things about America. It looks to me like in that photo they used, there's a picture of her previous incarnation, Marilyn Monroe, in the background. The subtitle of the article also notes that she's still "La 'Reina del Pop'" (the queen of pop), which of course she is despite what nasty people say to put her down. Hey, uncultured petty moralists put her down when she was here as Marilyn, too. She's used to it.

The new boyfriend, according to El País, is a model named Isaac Cohen, whose favorite book is the Bible. Now, with the name Isaac Cohen, it could be that he's referring to the Hebrew Bible. But, shoot, Britney's into Kabbalah. She probably reads Hebrew by now.

Also, there's a bit of a cliff-hanger (not mentioned in that article) about whether Boo will show up with her friend Paris Hilton to the Vienna Opera Ball this year.

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