Friday, January 26, 2007


Josh Marshall makes an important point today at his TPM blog. SecDef Robert Gates is the latest administration official to make the sleazy and really hostile charge that for members of Congress to even support even a non-binding resolution against the McCain escalation Bush is busily implementing is tantamont to treason. Marshall writes:

It's the old routine from three and four years ago - talk tough, aggressive and confrontational, when your position is actually quite weak. Break it down and it's really no more than a confidence game.

What the White House is saying is that the United States senate can't do anything [which] does not express full support for President Bush - even something that only expresses sentiment - without aiding the enemy. The very exercise of the senate's constitutional authority aides the terrorists.

Having this resolution passed really does worry the White House - even if it is merely a non-binding, sense-of-the-senate resolution - because their whole model of political control is based [on] cowing the political opposition. That is the key. Once that spell's broken, for them it's the abyss. (my emphasis)
See also Glenn Greenwald's perceptive comments on the latest form of Bush-worship in Our Supreme General has spoken Unclaimed Territory blog 01/25/07.


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