Sunday, January 7, 2007

More "stab-in-the-back" positioning

This post at one of the so-called "milblogs" presents a poem - of somewhat less than Homeric resonance - that's dedicated to the proposition that war critics and home are the only possible reason that the US military could lose in Iraq, along with complaints that the commanders (or even Dear Leader Bush?) isn't letting them kill enough of the right kind of people: The Enemy of the Good American Citizen Soldier blog 11/23/06.

He evidently thinks the US Army is equally responsible for fighting Osama bin Laden, Muqtada al-Sadr, Al Gore and John Kerry.  Also "Shinseki Shintoists", "war Propheteers", the New York Times, CNN Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki and (of course!) Hillary Clinton.  It's all pretty incoherent but it's the kind of thing pro-war Republicans like to get all self-righteous about.

The author, Buck Sargent, identifies himself as "an infantry team leader and noncommissioned officer on active duty" in the Army, "a University of Texas graduate, a Ronald Reagan conservative, and a George Patton patriot."  Explains a lot, actually.  "He is also pro-victory and will support any party or persons who are like-minded."  I haven't checked to see if he has any posts that define "victory".

And despite being a "Ronald Reagan conservative" he rhymes about how wimpy it was for St. Ronnie to pull troops out of Lebanon in 1983:

But can we afford once more to project such vacillation as a nation
Adding to Beirut and Somalia another "paper tiger" reputation?

He also seems to think Turkey doesn't have self-government.

The advantage of writing stuff like that is that you don't actually have to put much thought into what you're saying because your main audience won't care if you make sense anyway.  Which that post doesn't.


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