Friday, December 8, 2006

Quotable quotes for Friday

Bush has already picked his horses in Iraq, and they are Shiite. - Juan Cole, Salon 12/08/06

There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there's only one way to leave Iraq: Load our people up on their trucks and tank transporters and Bradleys and Humvees and head for the border. Now. - Joe Galloway,  McClatchy Newspapers

Staying in Iraq is not an option politically, militarily or fiscally. The American people understand this. Today there is near consensus that there is no U.S. military solution and we must disengage our military from Iraq.Rep. John Murtha 12/07/06

I'm less critical of the ISG report than some, because it has the adults saying this isn't working. - Steve Gilliard, The News Blog 12/08/06

The only reality that matters - and one the ISG Report, for all its realism, refuses to accept - is that we have lost in Iraq.Ivo Daalder 12/08/06

There's good news and bad news in the long-awaited report of the Iraq Study Group. Happily, it starts the United States down the path of withdrawal. Unhappily, its most basic premise - that the United States can somehow support the nonexistent Iraqi government and bolster its viciously sectarian armed forces - is fatally flawed.Bob Dreyfuss, 12/07/06

I have concluded that while we have all been trying for years to figure out just what in the hell [Tony] Blair thought he was doing, the simplest answer is probably the right one. He's just as dumb as Bush on this matter. He believes this crap. -  Digby, 12/07/06

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