Saturday, December 30, 2006

Over the top

I was in a Borders store in downtown San Francisco on Thursday and I saw something that was unusual even for San Francisco.  A woman who looked, well, normal (yes, the standards are more flexible in SF, but still) walked up to the edge of the cafe area and started yelling, "All of you are a bunch of mother[Cheney]ers!"  And then she started sweeping books off the display tables and onto the floor and then walked around shouting obscenities and sweeping more books and magazines onto the floor until the staff subdued her somehow.

I guess nobody told her you had to bring a receipt to make a return.

But that was over the top, even for San Francisco.

And speaking of over the top, I was prepared to defend the Associated Press against the war fans' latest conspiracy theory that AP is making propaganda for The Terrorists in Iraq.

Then I saw this:  AP Poll: Bush, Britney get thumbs-down 12/28/06.  Putting a genuine American icon on the same level as Shrub Bush?  Now that's really over the top!  I mean, Britney is going to adopt a tsunami orphan.  Would Bush ever do that?  Nooo-oooo.  But poor Boo has to put up with this kind of press denigration.  It's awful, just awful.

So AP can deal with the warbloggers all by themselves, as far as I'm concerned!  (AP's poll also found that Bush was seen as more villainous than Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein.  But let the Republicans trash them for all I care.  I'm not saying a word on their behalf!)

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