Monday, June 18, 2007

Zorro update: Selenia comes through!

In the June 18 episode, #88 by my count, Selenia finally put the hoodoo on Mariángel (Mangle) to make her madly in love - and wildly in lust - for Olmos the evil hunchback. Mangle and Olmos deserve each other. And this is going to fun to see!

The One the Only the Great Selenia visits Mangle's sickbed (with the local doctor/dentist/undertaker Agapito in the background)

Selenia arrives at Mangle sick-bed and insists she needs to talk to her alone. It's still a dark and stormy night and lightening flashes and thunder crashes as Selenia walks in. Sure, it's melodramatic and corny. But in the telenovela genre, it works just fine.

Selenia hypnotizes Mangle with her red ring. We don't get to hear what all Selenia tells her. But Mangle wakes up hot for Olmos. As she tells her dear daddy el Gobernador Fernando when he comes to visit later, to his considerable surprise. It's not entirely clear whether it was the love potion, the hypnosis or the combination of the two that got Mangle going. I'm guessing both, but who cares? She's going to be lusting after evil little Olmos now, who displayed his character in this episode by selling García and Esmeralda to slave traders - at a cut rate, even.

But García did save Esmeralda from being executed by Capitán Pizarro. Esmeralda was pretty much completely out of it, but she had a lucid moment or two, during one of which she told Pizarro that as long as she was alive, she would seek revenge for the death of her baby. Who we know isn't really dead and is safe with Diego at the hacienda. But she doesn't know that.

Zorro had a nice chat with Queen Ana Louisa in her bedchamber. He came off aggressive at first, accusing her of being behind the murders of Sara Kalí and Esmeralda. (Neither of whom are dead but Zorro doesn't know that.) But the Queen was surprised and promised to follow up on it. Other than sneaking into her bedroom armed in the middle of the night, he was the perfect gentleman. Except he refused to take off his mask despite repeated royal demands to do so.

Zorro promised to return the following night to talk to her and el Duque Jacobo, who was not thrilled to hear about this. But they have a date.

We didn't see Yumalai/Guadalupe in this episode. But I mentioned in a earlier post that she's into the Guadalupe Spanish mode at the moment.

Yumalai in Guadalupe mode


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