Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The General's petition against Iran War

No, not Jesus' General. Wesley Clark.

Clark is promoting
an online petition at his home site SecuringAmerica.com and also at the separate stopIranWar.com site he maintains opposing any rush to war with Iran.

The immediate impetus was Joe Lieberman's latest round of warmongering, which Glenn Greenwald deconstructs at some length in
Joe Lieberman, warmongering centrist Salon 06/10/07.

Norman Podharetz, one of the intellectual godfathers of the neoconservatives, pleads
The Case for Bombing Iran in the lead article of the June 2007 Commentary. It includes a neocon flashback on the glory days when (in their mythology) Ronald Reagan's bold visionary foreign policy defeated the godless Soviets. But in the neocon worldview, that just freed us up to face another world of endless threats and perpetual war for perpetual peace, this time in the guise of Islamofascistodefeatocratomism.

Yes, going to war with Iran would be crazy as all hell. But remember who The Decider is: Dick Cheney, with his assistant George W. Bush.


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