Monday, June 4, 2007

Democrats and the Iraq War

Look for continuing Democratic Congressional pressure on the war, in part aimed at forcing the Republicans to vote again and again and again for Bush's War. Tom Hayden writes in Democrats Likely To Harden Anti-War Stance As "Surge" Fails and Election Year Approaches Huffington Post 06/02/07:
Seeking to keep pace with public opinion, key Democratic leaders will soon be considering a peace initiative including full withdrawal from Iraq, revision of the United Nations authorization, and a diplomatic offensive to engage other countries in assisting Iraq.

The proposal represents a sharp difference with the Iraq Study Group -- and current Democratic -- suggestion that combat troops be withdrawn by next spring while leaving tens of thousands of American troops to train the Iraqi armed forces. The notion of "training" a largely-dysfunctional and sectarian Iraqi army, in the absence of a sweeping overhaul of the Baghdad government, is viewed increasingly as unrealistic. The pressure of the anti-war movement and restless public opinion is also propelling these strategists to recommend a stronger withdrawal position than the Congressional majority and presidential candidates currently are taking.

The position of the Bush White House is unpredictable but Pentagon generals in Iraq are calling for a much lengthier counter-insurgency campaign and the brokering of a South Korean-style outcome in Iraq.
For more, see also Marathon, Not A Sprint by Christy Hardin Smith FireDogLake 06/04/07.

At the end of his piece, Hayden writes, "The persistent pressure of the peace movement is having an effect, though more slowly than the morality and patience of many can bear".


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