Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Zorro miscellaneous

I unintentionally posted this Tuesday evening in unfinished form. In case you were wondering why it seemed so cryptic if you saw that version.

My favorite new character on the Zorro telenovela is the One the Only the Great Selenia, a witch who arrived in the New World from Spain. She's rumored to be 150 years old or so. But she has the secret of eternal youth.

Selenia is played by Valentina Acosta, who seems to be particularly good at conveying thoughts, moods and attitudes with her facial expressions. For instance:

Here's the One the Only the Great Selenia on a good day

Here's Selenia on a bad-hair day

Doesn't that expression just say "I'm about to turn you into a toadstool?"

Here's Valentina Acosta displaying a variety of coquettish expressions on the 2006 Colombian telenovela
Merlina, Mujer Divina (link to YouTube clip; she appears around 2:38 min. in it).

Merlina, Mujer Divina is currently showing on Telefutura in its 5PM slot, although it's apparently in the final part of its run.

Valentina also appears in a short-film clearly made a few years ago called 3 AM. She plays a woman around 20 or so who the two guys of about that age who star in the film with her might call a "ball-buster". Their characters would, anyway. But her expressions were impressive even then.

There's also a YouTube link. Warning for Baptists! There a brief topless scene at 4:48.

In the story, Valentina's character is riding around in the car during the wee hours with her boyfriend and his buddy. She kisses her boyfriend goodbye when they drop him off. And he goes inside as he lets his friend drive her home. Big mistake! You can guess what happens next.

It just goes to show you, women can certainly mess up perfectly good guy friendships. I mean when I was 20, would I have let a woman like that mess up one of my guy friendships? Um, uh, mmmm, of course not!!

This is supposed to be Zorro miscellany, not just Valentina Acosta miscellany. So here's an image that takes off on Zorro's Robin Hood aspect:

This Che Zorro poster went with a play that was put on last year in (of course!) Berkeley:
Culture Clash's funny 'Zorro' slashes to the heart of the matter by Robert Hurwitt San Francisco Chronicle 03/24/06.


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