Friday, June 8, 2007

Today's Republican Party

It's not exactly the cowardly Preston Brooks beating Charles Sumner senseless with his cane.

But it ain't pretty, either. It's a video of Alabama Republican State Senator Charles Bishop punching out one of his Democratic colleagues, reminding us once again how old-fashioned Southern thuggery is more and more dominant in today's authoritarian Republican Party:

This video shows the assailant saying "it shouldn't have happened out there" - but it's all the Democrat's fault anyway.

Next, we're bound to see news commentators saying the Democrat winds up looking bad because he didn't immediately charge over and wallop the goony old Republican sleaze-bag. Or pull out his six-shooter and gun him down.

Republicans, this is your Party on OxyContin. Y'all wanted to get the votes of the most hardcore Southern bigots and thugs? Well, you succeeded.


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