Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Iran warmongering?

From Gates links Iran to Taliban weapons Boston Globe/AP 06/14/07:
Defense Secretary Robert Gates tied Iran's government to large shipments of weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan and said yesterday such quantities were unlikely without Tehran's knowledge. Gates's comments, following accusations by a State Department official, were the strongest yet by a Cabinet secretary about Iran's support of the militant group in Afghanistan.
Whether or not the Sunni extremist "Taliban" is getting weapons from Shi'a Iran is certainly an interesting question.

But let's go on the record early on this one. If Mr. Gates and his Republican friends attack Iran and it goes badly - as it surely will - they will squeal that the problems are all due to the dirty hippie Defeatocrats. No, Mr. Gates, if that happens, it will be another great achievement of the Cheney-Bush administration.


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