Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No shortage of villains

David Neiwert on the hardcore rightwingers (Behind the mask Orcinus blog 11/28/06:

I think a key to understanding this illogic, if such a thing is possible, lies in recognizing that these people conceive of themselves as heroes engaged in a heroic task. Once a person claims that status for himself, at least in his own self-conception, all kinds of obvious contradictions are immediately resolvable, since the blunt force of the hero's moral superiority rub out any such distinctions. They are right no matter what "facts" may argue otherwise.

"Miblogger" Yankeemom (Discouragement and tip of the spear 11/27/06):

So with all these “stuck on stupid” elected people who have been elected by the head in the sand crowd, we who know better because we take the time to read the milblogs, watch the videos on MEMRI TV, read blogs written by Iraqis and Afghanistanis, and research what the media puts out, are at the tip of the spear here at home. We are the hearth warriors who need to get the truth out.  And keep getting it out. (my emphasis)

Yankeemom offers gems of "hearth warrior" wisdom like this:

Of course, if you read Flopping Ace’s post on the latest enemy propaganda put forth as news here by our treasonous unethical [those two words with strikethrough in the original]  illustrious Media (spit), you might start taking all the bad news coming out with an extremely large grain of salt.

I can't exactly tell from her link what evil Media (spit) she's talking about. Then there's this:

Hating the troops is so passe’ ~ and doesn’t make you look good in any way, shape or form. So put away the patchouli and tye dye - the 60’s are over! Have been for forty-frickin’-plus years!

Has anyone else noticed that most anti-war folks look as if they were rode hard and put up wet? It's all the focusing on the negative, whether it’s real or imagined. No amount of tofu will help that!

I assume the troop-haters she's talking about must be the "God hates fags" Christian fundamentalists from Westboro Baptist Church and their fans. I didn't realize they were into tye dye and tofu. What is "patchouli"? Some kind of fundi talisman to ward off liberals and homosexuals and other Muslim terrorists?

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