Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Britney - the new Kissinger?

Okay, you unbelievers!  I told you there were going to be major karmic repercussions all over the place from Britney's announcement of her divorce.

And within hours after her announcement, Rummy was history.  A coincidence?  I think not.

TRex at FireDogLake has suddenly discovered what those who are blind to cutting-edge cultural innovation have recognized for a while.  Britney's marriage moves are paradigm-shattering cultural events.

TRex has just realized that what Little Boo is telling us with her latest move includes: a solution to North Korean nukes; the key to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and, a peace agreement in Iraq that ends the insurgency and gets American troops all home.

Now, being a newbee to Britney prophetic interpretation, I think TRex may have partially misread the signals on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.  But it's nice to see yet another convert to the Real Truth about Britney.

Secretary of State Britney Spears?  Ridiculous, you say?  How many years have you heard people saying that no one would remember her in another year or so?  Be warned, oh ye of little faith.

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