Monday, November 20, 2006

Is Bush boozing again?

In the cover story of the British New Statesman of 11/13/06, Rumbled!, US editor Andrew Stephen seriously suggests that Bush may be back on the bottle (via James Wolcott):

I was asked on BBC radio a couple of days ago whether Democratic victories would temper Bush's recklessness. I replied that I could answer that only if I could peer into the strange mind of a 60-year-old recovering alcoholic named George W Bush.

Rumours persist here (and I have heard them repeated at a very senior level in the UK, too) that Bush has actually resumed drinking; I throw this into the mix not to sensationalise, but because I have now heard the rumour repeated at a sufficiently high level that I believe we must face the possibility that it might be true.

Bush was huddled inside the White House eating beef and ice cream on election night with Rove, my friend Josh Bolten, and four other trusted aides who will stick with him to the end. He was not drinking on this occasion, I'm assured - but, more than ever, my depiction of an unstable man living out his final days in office inside his bunker seem no longer to be fanciful. Hemmed in by Democratic foes wherever he looks, determined to be remembered in history as an unwaveringly strong leader, and increasingly detached from reality: now that suddenly becomes a very frightening vision indeed.

Stephen explicitly identifies his information as "rumours" (aka, "rumors" in the American spelling) so take it with the appropriate reservations.  But New Statesman also isn't a tabloid, so I don't think he's being frivolous in choosing to publish that.

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