Thursday, October 6, 2005

Short, sweet and accurate

As she so often does, Molly Ivins nails this one precisely: Flim-flam and hoo-hah 10/06/05.

It seems to me what we are looking at was put best by noted journalist Billy Don Moyers, formerly of Marshall, Texas, who was home last week and observed that the Republican right came to Washington to start a revolution and stayed to run a racket. It has become a game of ideological flim-flam, a scam in which all manner of distracting hoo-hah -- abortion, judicial activism, even "the war on terra" -- is used to obscure the fact that the government has been taken over by people who are using it to make money for themselves and their friends.


sanforized6 said...

That article is right on the "money" so I guess nothing will come of it. Think all the rich people will get away with "murder" when they wake up one day and realize there is no USA left? And whichever "outside" country or "ism" that takes over will start loping off heads? Oh well, just a thought. rich

bmiller224 said...

Hoefully to won't get THAT bad! - Bruce