Sunday, October 2, 2005

Chuckie Watch 113: What about Chuckie?

We ain't checked in on ole Chuckie for a while now.  I thought Chuckie musta been on vacation or something, because he hasn't kept up his usual posting pace lately.  Hurricane Katrina seems to have thrown him for a bit of a loop, too.  It took him a while to git the Party line down on that one.

But when I looked at Chuckie's Soapbox yesterday, there were five new posts there that weren't there a few days ago.  So it's time to catch up on the endless wisdom of ChuckieThought.

Well, Chuckie's done wrote one of his famous "Open Letters" to that there judge who wants to fiddle with the Pledge of Allegiance: AN OPEN LETTER: AN OPEN LETTER TO MICHAEL NEWDOW, JUDGE LAWRENCE KARLTON AND THE REST OF THE KOOKS ON THE NINTH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS 09/16/05.  Chuckie's fond of all-caps.

Chuckie's heard about how that judge wanted to take the "under God" part out of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Or something like that.

And Chuckie don't like it.

You and your ilk are not fooling us. We know what you’re up to. You claim that what you’re doing is in the name of separation of church and state, but what you really want is separation of God and state.

Don’t you know who you are fighting with? No, I guess you don’t since you say that he doesn’t exist.

Now, I have my own problems with that Pledge decision.  But Chuckie seems a little cloudy on this whole religion/church/God thing.  He seems to think it's fine for the government to ram beliefs about God down people's throats - though I don't see the Pledge as doing that - as long as we don't tack some particular denomination's label on it.

And did the judge say that God doesn't exist?  I haven't read the text of the decision.  But something tells me ole Chuckie may be reading extra stuff into it.

And Chuckie may have been reading those segregationist pamphlets from 40 and 50 years ago.  Because this could have come straight from one of them:

You may have very well reminded people just how out of control and contrary to the wishes of the people a major part of the Judiciary in this country has become, usurping the roll of a duly elected Congress and trying to impose their ideas on an unwilling nation.

Maybe this time we the people have had enough and will insist that our elected officials put people on the courts who represent the collective wills of the citizens who pay their salaries instead of few pitiable people like you, Mr. Newdow.

Sounds like Chuckie's a little cloudy on the whole "independent judiciary" thing, too.

Yeah, I think Chuckie's been digging in his boxes for old favorites.  This one reads like a retread:  Washington Is 09/20/05.

The most often heard phrases in Washington are, “A tax break for the wealthy”, "We are currently studying the matter," “The President said---” “I have no knowledge of the situation," and “A woman’s right to choose.”

Least heard phrases, "Term limits," “A salary cut for Congress,” “School Vouchers," and “A baby’s right to life.”

Uh, Chuckie, that whole term limits thing went out the window as soon as the Republicans got a majority in the House back 10 years ago.  It was always just a device to bash the Democrats and con suckers into voting Republican.  Apparently, some folks were more completely conned than others.

And like I said, Chuckie seemed to have a hard time gittin' straight on the Party line about Katrina.  But he's pretty much got it down now. And he thanks Bush's idea to use school vouchers in the Gulf Coast New Reconstruction zone is a doggone good idea.  But Chuckie says some people don't like it like he does: Diversity 09/23/05.

I have believed for a long time that the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharpetons of this world know that the day that true racial equality is achieved in this nation their power will go away.

I believe there are elements in the Congress and Senate who are scared to death of a well-educated and prosperous minority that doesn’t need their handouts and social programs. Minorities who can see through the facade of plantation type federal socialism, minorities who will think for themselves without depending on the monthly dole from their elected officials, enlightened minorities who will come forth and claim their rightful place in society and enjoy their part of the American dream.

Now, just because Chuckie is talking about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and rants about how them people that follow those two guys are livin' on the monthly "dole", don't you go be callin' Chuckie no racist or nothin'.  Hey, if Chuckie didn't say, "Ah thank us white folks is better 'n 'em blacks," then he cain't be no racist, now can he?

Chuckie really don't like folks playin' no Race Cards 09/26/05:

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should be ashamed of themselves for what they did in New Orleans a few days ago.

Of course it was no surprise since they both tried to turn the whole deck into a race card, what’s so disgusting is their claim that the sluggish response to Hurricane Katrina was racially motivated

Yep, Chuckie's done got the Party line on Katrina down pretty good.  A Chuckie can really git on a role when he's talkin' about, you know, those people:

They preach racial division and government dependence and if the poor minorities in this country continue to listen to their drivel they will be living in ghettos fifty years from now.

If Jackson and Sharpton really wanted to help their people they would be denouncing the neighborhood crack dealers, railing against thirteen year old girls getting pregnant, absentee fathers and preaching self-reliance.

No government has the ability to take care of people from the cradle to the grave and having to work harder than anybody else to make it is definitely not confined to the African American race. You say, well you don’t know because you’re white.

That’s right I’m white but the business I’m in don’t care if you’re purple, you’ve got to prove yourself everyday and race has nothing to do with it.

Hey, Chuckie.  You're in the country music business.  How many black folks do you see in the country music business?  

But let's be clear now.  Just 'cause Chuckie talks about black folks as crack dealers, slutty teenagers and irresponsible fathers, that don't mean he's no racist or nothin', now.

Actually, though, Chuckie, I don't know about Al Sharpton, but Jesse Jackson has been dealing with thoseissues for years.  I bet if Chuckie had checked with some of his colleagues among all those African-Americans in the country music business, they coulda told him about that.

Chuckie seems to be really hung up on this sex and pregnancy business.  But it ain't because he's just some ole white guy spewing out bigoted rants, of course not:

If you get a girl or ten girls pregnant you should have to support those babies, every one of them until they reach the age of majority.

It is not the government’s responsibility to raise the children you father it’s yours and yours alone.

But speaking of discrimination, Chuckie thanks some states are being discriminated against in the New Reconstruction run by Karl Rove: What About Mississippi? 09/30/05.  He gives us the Party line on why it was the locals to blame in Louisiana:

While many of the collective fingers of blame were pointed at Washington, anybody with a television in their house and a brain in their heads could see a degree of incompetence in Louisiana among the officials in that state.

The mayor in a near panic, the governor indecisive and reticent, police officers just walking off the job, any semblance of cohesive  leadership practically non-existent.

And Chuckie don't thank we oughta be spendin' so much money on rebuilding those darn places.  He's still a bit behind the Party line there, though.  Dubya and Dick and Karl are rapidly turning this into what could be the biggest crony-capitalist giveaway of money in the history of the world.  But maybe not.  He says that the demands of (Democratic) Senator Landrieu from Louisiana for federal assistance is "greed and political pandering."  So it's the Democrats who are being irresponsible with the Reconstruction money.

But Chuckie says some other states ain't gittin' enough attention:

Everybody wants to see New Orleans rebuilt but they are not the only state who suffered devastation, scant attention has been paid to the people of Mississippi [Republican governor], Alabama [Republican governor] and Florida [Jeb Bush is governor].

Even the coverage in the affected parts of Texas
[Republican governor] after Rita came through were not delivered as passionately as the New Orleans story, even though they too had water in the streets

Yep, Chuckie's back.


amkpantera said...

"I believe there are elements in the Congress and Senate who are scared to death of a well-educated and prosperous minority..."

Hahaha, like Charlie wouldn't be afraid of that as well.  But anyway, as much as I don't like Charlie, it would be good for people on welfare (all people of all colors; not just the blacks who are on it; and yes, not all black people are on it) to only use it when it's of absolute necessity, and not abuse it.  I infact know someone who does abuse the welfare system; she's white, too.  

As for taking care of your kids, people do need to step up and take responsibility for them, no matter what color they are.  I don't like where he tries to make it seem like only blacks do that.  Nonsense.

As for Sharpton and Jackson, they pretty much are just a bunch of ambulance chasers.  I know it's important to have someone stand up for your race when you get beat up for the cops and everything, but there were times where they either shouldn't have impeded on a situation or they could have helped resolve conflicts that needed much resolve, ie, the Crown Heights riots of the early 90's.

bmiller224 said...

Would Chuckie be afraid of educated blacks?  Working with all those black folks that are so prominent in country music, surely he's used to it!

Having worked in state and local government for a number of years, I'm a big believer in good controls, both financial and programmatic, for social service agencies just like for anything else.  It may be especially important for social service agencies, since guys like Chuckie are endlessly trashing them.  Squandering bizillions on a mega-boondoggle like the Star Wars "missile defense" system wastes far more taxpayer money.  But when the waste is going into the pockets of war profiteers, the Chuckie crowd doesn't make nearly as much noise about that as about an unemployed single mother cutting corners on welfare rules.  So social service agencies are much more vulnerable to credibility problems on that score.

I'm curious as to what Chuckie thinks about "deadbeat dad" laws, which are heavily favored by feminists.  Something tells me that Chuckie's core fan base aren't big on using condoms.  I mean, it's bad enough that they have to take Viagra, isn't it?  And people expect them to use a rubber, too?

Jackson has been generally much more pragmatic than Sharpton, who does come off like a showboat.  But both of them have a lot of credibility among African-Americans.  Of course, the Chuckies back in the 1960s thought Martin Luther King was a complete degenerate, selfish manipulator, etc., etc.  And any black leader who has any kind of influence is going to be trashed the same way by the residents of ChuckieWorld.

This kind of race-baiting language that Chuckie served up in a couple of these posts is a critical part of Republican electoral strategy.  Nixon's "Southern Strategy" has been very effective for the Reps.  But it has always been a Faustian bargain. - Bruce