Saturday, October 1, 2005

Bill Bennett's Republican mouth

William "gamblin' man" Bennett, the GOP's guru of values and self-righteousness, attracted attention to himself for his on-the-air meditations about how much more law-abiding things would be if all African-American babies were aborted.

At least a couple of people on what is coming to be called "the liberal Web" - which (sigh!) I suppose is more descriptive than Left Blogostan - have been, well, defending him on this point.  I'm not sure why liberals think conservatives need any help with their comma-dancing, since they seem to be well-nigh obsessed with it already.  But I like Steve Gilliards take on their defenses of Bennett: He is racist, ok? 10/01/05.

I know you guys want to pretend that he couldn't be a racist, but he has a deep contempt for black people. He thinks they're criminals and said so. Don't ignore it because you are uncomfortable. You're just seeing the face of the GOP without makeup. You're seeing the honest GOP. The one they show in the back rooms and on the restricted country club golf course.

You don't see it because you're white. We, who are black, do see it. Every day. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it's a woman hugging her purse or a cab passing you by. Denying it is just insulting black people by denying their reality. Bill Bennett sees no problem in his racism. But it as clear as glass for those who want to see it. Don't waste your time defending him when you know what he said is really wrong in the end. (my emphasis)

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amkpantera said...

Is this William Bennett guy employed by the GOP?  I would think they would fire him seeing that this will be trouble for them attracting any blacks they think would vote for their party.  I wonder what Condi thinks of this?  Or the one Congressman from Oklahoma (his name slips my mind at the moment).  Or even Clarence Thomas.  Perhaps they don't even care.  For all we know, they may consider themselves white people trapped in black bodies.  And that's really sad.