Friday, September 23, 2005

Sweet country sounds

This is the kind of thing that warms the hearts of true country music fans.  From Merle Haggard's Web site, accessed 09/23/05:

Are you people ready for this?... Merle and the Strangers will be opening for The Rolling Stones on November 29th in Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Arena...Is that amazing or what?!!!

Merle will be performing a 45 minute set similar to the Bob Dylan tour...what a great way to close out one hell of a great year...but stay tuned things are only gonna get even bigger and better I promise!!! There are some great things in the works for the upcoming keep checking back to this site for the only place to get official Merle Haggard and the Strangers news.

Take that, Clint Black of Rummy's I-love-war rally!

The chorus of the song I mention above the title goes:

Well, I'm a hillbilly pickin' ramblin' girl
And I'm hangin' in bars and listenin' to Merle
Drinkin' whiskey and beer
To wash this pain away
Singin' good old country songs
Not the ones they play today, hey, hey

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