Friday, September 16, 2005

Iraq War: "Can do"? or "Can hype"?

"I think we are winning.  Okay?  I think we're definitely winning.  I think we've been winning for some time." - Gen. Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on the Iraq War 04/26/05

"I just wonder if they will ever tell us the truth." - Harold Casey, Louisville, KY, October 2004.

Pat Lang at his blog today gives a good contemporary example of a senior officer in Iraq making the same mistake that Gen. Westmoreland and his boys were making in 1967, as mentioned in the previous post: The "Brave Rifles" at Tel Afar Sic Semper Tyrannis blog 09/16/05.

In the meantime we have the spectacle of a US Army general officer in Baghdad announcing once again that the insurgencies are on their last legs.  160 dead in one day.  Some legs!  You have to wonder if the people who make asinine statements like this realize how foolish and servile they make themselves in the eyes of ordinary people.  I don't think they are really stupid so I will opine that they are just so conditioned to the "can do" spirit expected of "team players" that they can't help themselves.

I hope this works out for them.  They can take the transcripts of their statements in with them the next time they go to be interviewd by Rumsfeld for a job.

"Wars are easy to get into, but hard as hell to get out of." - George McGovern and Jim McGovern 06/06/05

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