Friday, September 16, 2005

Bush in New Orleans: the horror, the horror

Of course, it was a horror what happened in New Orleans after the Katrina disaster.  First the Katrina disaster, then the Bush Disaster that abandoned New Orleans to the flood waters for days.

Bush's speech Thursday night was pretty horrible, too.  It sounds like he plans to approach the New Reconstruction of the Gulf Coast in pretty much the same crony-capitalist, rightwing-experiment way he approached the reconstruction of Iraq.  And we know how well that went - for Halliburton, at any rate.

But he managed two horrors at once on Thursday.  He used the famous equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson that sits in Jackson Square as a backdrop!!!

Don't be surprised if you hear reports today that Old Hickory's grave seems to have been robbed - from the inside.  This latest outrage may be enough to bring the General out of his grave and do a New Orleans zombie act to stop this rank descration of his memory!

The shamelessness of the Bush dynasty has never been more vividly on display.  Andrew Jackson, the hero who saved New Orleans from the ruthless British imperialists, used as a stage prop for the George Bush, the phony who lost New Orleans to his own administration's neglect.

This is more shameless than Richard Nixon saying, "I'm not a crook."  More shameless than the young'uns who made fun of the prophet Elisha for being bald.  (They got eaten by bears as a punishment.)  More shameless than Absalom doing the Big Nasty with his father King David's concubines.

The ironies could hardly be greater.  Jackson the champion of the workers and farmers and honest businesses against cleptocracy, centralized wealth and wealthy looters who tried to run the government as their own private reserve, used as a backdrop for the guy whose greatest success has been pumping huge amounts of tax dollars to Halliburton and making the federal government's chief purpose to serve the greed of the economic royalists (as FDR famously called them).

Jackson, the man who instituted a "spoils system" that in his time opened participation in government to groups that had previously been prevented from doing so and thus serving as a means to promote a wider democracy, being used to garnish the TV image of George Bush, the man who staffed the critical emergency agency FEMA with a "spoils system" that was nothing more than the crassest kind of partisan irresponsibility.

I'm sure that Dear Leader Bush has no clue of what massive negative karma he acquired by attempting to drag the memory and good name of Andrew Jackson through the mud this way!

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