Thursday, January 20, 2005

What is the world coming to?

Some days it's just one depressing piece of news after another!  Now I find out that the state of Mississippi is considering outlawing hawg-dawg fightin'.

What is that? some of you Yankees and sissies may be asking.  Why, it's when you have a contest where a hawg fights with a dawg, of course!

Miss. may mull ban on hog-dog fighting Jackson Clarion-Ledger 01/20/05.

Hog-dog fighting was outlawed in Louisiana last year and the bloody sport is starting to move into south Mississippi, a Senate panel was told Wednesday.

Sen. Sidney Albritton, R-Picayune, said "rodeos" have already been reported in Pearl River and Walthall counties along the state line.

"Now that (Louisiana) illegalized it, they're moving north into Mississippi," said Albritton, whose district includes parts of Marion, Pearl River and Walthall counties.

The "rodeos" put pit bulls or other dogs into pens with wild hogs that are left mostly defenseless after their tusks have been sawed off. People bet on how long it will take the dogs to pin down the hogs.

Aw, man, now what are Chuckie fans going to have left to do on a Friday night?


Anonymous said...

Down here in good old Florida, a major Cock fighting ring was just broken up. The Spanish call it "tradition" to pump roosters with steroids, strap razors to their spurs and watch them slash each other to death. And...a major pit bull fighting ring was broken up as well. On a positive note, no one's been arrested for illegal dwarf tossing(kind of like bowling but with dwarfs instead of balls) in quite a while. And you thought Florida was just known for screwing up elections and Hurricanes.

Anonymous said...

That's disturbing.  I just recently heard about something similar where they defang and declaw a bear and then let about four pitbulls loose on it.  Where do these people come up with this stuff?


Anonymous said...

I don't know how they come up with this.  Actually, I hadn't heard of hog-dog fighting before I saw this article. - Bruce

Anonymous said...

What in the hell is this world coming to when violence, blood, and gore is considered entertainment? Not to mention the abuse of  animals which is our (humans) responsibility to protect. But, entertainment is hard to come by in the middle of nowhere. It's about time both LA & MS catch up with other states in trying to become a more civilized, compassionate society. This is just another example of why LA & MS are the poorest of all states in the US. Here's a suggestion for a new activity, get an education, just find a more productive and less violent past time. Your cruelty to these animals will revisit you ten fold.