Tuesday, March 27, 2007

There should be!

A Growing Military Credibility Gap?, that is (TPM Cafe 01/26/07). Writing about an attack on American foreces in Karbala, Iraq, in late January, Larry Johnson writes:

Equally disturbing is the fact that someone in the U.S. military chain of command lied about what happened and put out false information to the press and the American people. It is one thing to lie in order to preserve operational security. It is another thing to lie simply to cover your ass so you do not look like a complete fool. Unfortunately, when the lie is uncovered the charge of being a "fool" is the least of the blowback. An incident like this also raises an important question, "Can the military be trusted to tell the truth?" If the American people begin to doubt they are getting the straight information about the situation on the ground in Iraq, the ebbing public support could turn into a complete rout.
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