Friday, March 9, 2007

Bush spreads the love down south

(Photo: El País/AP)

I don't understand this. I thought the whole world wanted to be just like America! But look at this photo from Uruguay. Two little boys - terrorist children, obviously - riding past a sign insulting our Dear Leader! That sure looks like a bicycle of mass destruction to me. And that kid behind him. What do you want to bet his sandals are actually plastic explosives?

Thousands protest Bush's Brazil visit by Patrick McDonnell and Maura Reynolds Los Angeles Times 03/09/07:

In the pre-arrival protest [in Brazil], many here hoisted banners likening Bush to Adolf Hitler and warning him to keep his "hands off" Venezuela, while decrying any U.S.-Brazilian biofuels pact as a plot by Washington to grab Brazilian resources.

"For Bush, this is a matter of getting cheaper fuel and getting out of the mess in the Middle East," said Cristiana Coimbra, 35, a professional translator who wore a sticker that depicted Bush with a swastika.

The march, which included representatives of environmental, student and labor groups, broke up before Bush's plane touched down.

Police were also deployed in force to clear the route Bush was to take from the airport to his hotel. Reports here indicated that as many as 4,000 officers were participating in one of the largest security operations in recent memory. (my emphasis)
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