Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slim's pickin's en México

There were some interesting reports in the press earlier this month about México's wealthiest man, Carlos Slim Helú:

Slim se mantiene como tercer hombre más rico del mundo; acumula 49 mil mdd La Journada/AFP 09.03.07.

Carlos Slim comparte su fortuna de Romina Román y Roberto Aguilar El Universal 09.03.07.

$49 billion is Slim's pickings in Mexico by Marla Dickerson Los Angeles Times 03/09/07. Their headline writer called it the same as I did, but of course Yankees don't know how to spell "pickin's". Dickerson reports:

Telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu has built a corporate empire so vast that it's nearly impossible for most Mexicans to go a day without slipping a few pesos into his pocket.

Those pesos add up. On Thursday, Forbes magazine estimated his net worth at $49 billion.
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