Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday's protests

Antiwar Christian group protesting in Washington (Photo: Getty Images)

Antiwar protests on Saturday took place not only in Washington and in Spain (see previous post) but in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Prague, Athens, Thessalonika, Nicosia, St. Petersburg (FL), San Diego, Hartford, Walnut Creek, Sacramento and probably a number of other cities from which I haven't seen the reports yet.


Anti-war protesters march through Walnut Creek by Jason Johnson San Francisco Chronicle 03/17/07

Christians Gather in D.C. to Protest War by Sarah Karush AP 03/17/07

Local war protesters' voices grow louder by Blair Anthony Robertson Sacramento Bee03/17/07.

St. Petersburg rally protests Iraq war by Christina Silva St. Petersburg Times 03/18/07

Zehntausende demonstrieren gegen Irak-Krieg Der Spiegel Online 17.03.07


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