Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Someone in Congress finally says it right!

There may have been others who put it like this, as well. It's just that this comment from Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY)in the House war debate is the clearest debunking I've seen of the Republicans' ridiculous "they want to cut off funds for the troops in the field" argument. From Atrios 02/13/07:

In the Supplemental Budget we will consider next month, we should exercise the only real power we have - the Congressional power of the purse. We will not cut off the funds, and leave our troops defenseless before the enemy, as the demagogues would imply, but we should limit the use of the funds we provide to protecting the troops while they are in Iraq and to withdrawing them on a timetable mandated in the law. We should provide funds to rebuild the army and to raise our readiness levels, for diplomatic conferences in case there is any possibility of negotiating an end to the Iraqi civil war, and for economic reconstruction assistance, but above all, we must use the power of the purse to mandate a timetable to withdraw our troops from Iraq.

We must use the power the people have entrusted to us. The best way to protect our troops is to withdraw them from the middle of a civil war they cannot win, and that is not our fight.

I know that, if we withdraw the troops, the civil war may continue and could get worse. But this is probably inevitable, no matter how long our troops remain. And if the Iraqis must fight a civil war, I would rather they fight it without 20,000 more Americans dying.

Yes, the blindness of the Administration is largely to blame for starting the civil war in Iraq, but we cannot end it. Only the Iraqis can settle their civil war. We can only make it worse, and waste our blood and treasure pointlessly. (my emphasis)
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ereading7 said...

Amen to everything he said!!

bmiller224 said...

Yeah, the Democrats need to be making these points a lot more often and do it this clearly! - Bruce