Friday, February 16, 2007

Covertly shooting ourselves in the foot

John Prados in Rendering The CIA Useless 02/16/07:

The broad international support for the United States after 9/11 has evaporated, and the old Cold War attitudes in America that accepted the use of these techniques are long gone. The Bush administration’s covert operations have been as catastrophic as its conventional military campaign in Iraq, yet it is now posturing itself for unilateral action. This is a disaster waiting to happen. America needs a rational foreign policy. The country cannot be saved by a new posse of covert cowboys.
Like all of Prados' work, this one is worth a read. He talks about the implications of the recent EU action on "rendition" (kidnapping and deportation to a third country) and the unhappiness of our allies over the CIA's shenanigans under Cheney and Bush.

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