Sunday, February 11, 2007

El Zorro llega

This looks like it will be fun!

It's a new telenovela beginning Monday evening on Telemundo, Zorro: la Espada y la Rosa (Zorro: the sword and the rose) - the link is in English, from Zorro Productions.

If your TV has closed captioning, you can probably get English subtitles. Zorro, played by Christian Meier, in this version is located in la Ciudad de los Ángeles. A mild-mannered, hunky rich guy by day, when he puts on his mask and rides out of his bat-cave, uh, Zorro-cave, he fights against Spanish oppression on behalf of the common people.

He has a love interest, of course. That's a basic requirement for a telenovela. I'm guessing that the hero and heroine will have to overcome a variety of difficulties before el amor triumphs in the final episode. Since that's what happens in 100% of the novelas. His true love Esmeralda Sánchez de Moncada, played by Marlene Favela, has a sword of her own:

This novela definitely shows promise!

(Photos: Telemundo)

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librarytimes said...

thank's men for that news
i have all the episode
but with no subtitle
please if you have the subtitle of this fantastic show let me know