Tuesday, February 13, 2007

People getting "DixieChicked"

Maybe Left Blogostan should set up some kind of "Whiners Back Off" campaign. Whining is actually a central part of the rightwing worldview, at least the low-brow and middle-brow versions. Look at some of the documentaries or historical accounts from the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s and you'll see white Southern supporters of segregation whining like Serbs and Croats in the 1990s about how horribly persecuted they are.

In my own experience, white folks in my native state of Mississippi were particularly adapt at the whiny-white-people routine. But maybe that's just because I'm most familiar with that particular variant. For a very contemporary version of the same kind of whining, just tune into that racist dope-fiend Rush Limbaugh't radio show.

The whiny approach is much in evidence in the responses William Arkin has been receiving in the controversy I posted about last week. He's sharing some more of his correspondence, as in
The Families Speak Washington Post 02/13/07, and plans to do more. If you feel an inclination to write him with a message of support or of sensible, non-wingnut and non-whiny criticism, he would probably appreciate it.

Also, Amanda Marcotte, one of the two ex-bloggers targeted by the Catholic League's bigot-in-chief, the noxious anti-Semite Bill Donahue and his following of whiners, has resigned from the John Edwards campaign and is thus free to respond to her detractors without having to vet her words through a campaign consultant. Check out her work at the Pandagon blog. It has been down part of the day due to what sounds like a denial-of-service attack.)

I'm sure I'm not the only practicing Catholic who would like to see the US Conference of Bishops make some kind of clear statement that no one should assume that that Jew-hating freak Donahue speaks for the Church or for American Catholics. That is, other than for those pathetic souls for whom "I'm a Christian" just means "I ain't no Jew". Those people are a disgrace to Christianity in general and to the Catholic Church in particular. The bishops should take action to save the "brand name" from being tarnished by association with Donahue's them. It's not as if the Church doesn't have sufficient marketing problems to contend with without people associating it withDonahue's brand of sleaze.

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