Monday, August 29, 2005

Gene Lyons on cheering for Bush

Gene Lyons has been doing light pieces the last couple of weeks.  But I especially enjoyed his opening paragraphs on this one: Weighing in on presidential fitness by Gene Lyons Daily Dunklin Democrat 08/24/05.

Having voted in my last junior-high student-council election long ago, I am normally unmoved by suggestions that this column adopt a more upbeat perspective regarding President Bush. I can think of no good reason either to feign school spirit or pretend enthusiasm for the administration's manifest failures, foreign and domestic.

Friends in Austin, Texas, assure me that Bush can be disarmingly personable. So can every other confident man who ever ran a successful swindle. I enjoy reminding Fox News devotees, who've adopted the Soviet practice of diagnosing Dear Leader's critics with psychiatric disorders, that no man alive exudes more personal charm than the Arkansas Antichrist, William Jefferson Clinton. (my emphasis)

I guess Bush's nickname in Left Blogostan of "Dear Leader" is catching on!

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