Monday, April 11, 2005

Victimized conservatives?

"[T]he defining motif of all conservative politics is victimization ..." - Josh Marshall 04/10/05

This wasn't always the case, of course.  But now that hardline Christian fundamentalism and the absolutist and defensive mindset of the old Southern Democratic segregationists have become dominant within the Republican Party, this posture of victimization has come to the fore as well.

And Marshall is right.  It does define today's Republican Party conservatism.


purcellneil said...

It is a curious mix of resentment and arrogance, victimization and triumphalism, that marks the mindset of the Republican right wing (which as John Danforth and Christine Whitman have pointed out is now nearly the entire party).

But this has always been the psychology of the bully, whose bluster and abuse one minute is balanced by a whimpering cowardice in the next.  How else does one explain Tom DeLay in recent weeks?  Is he not the poster boy for whiny bullies?

I can't believe that this proud nation has elevated such pathetic girlie men to high office.  Must make the Governator cringe...



setcaptivesfree said...

Oh, you are too funny.  Hey, I wish that was the case!