Friday, April 1, 2005

Index to 2005 Confederate "Heritage" Month postings

This is the index for the 2005 Confederate "Heritage" Month posts looking at the some of the events and issues surrounding the Civil War.

April 1:   Introducting Confederate "Heritage" Month 2005
April 1:   "Slavery As It Wasn't"
April 2:   Slave family life
April 3:   Family life under slavery
April 4:   The kindness and consideration of slaveowners
April 5:   A Southern abolitionist in 1857 (1)
April 6:   A Southern abolitionist in 1857 (2)
April 7:   Slavery and white racism 
April 8:   Southern defense of slavery
April 9:   Racism in the antebellum South
April 10: Educators defend the eternal truth of the Confederacy
April 11:  A "gentleman of Mississippi" defends secession
April 12:  A tale of Northern perfidy and, uh, demonism
April 13:  Bleeding Kansas and other preludes to war
April 14:  John Brown and Harper's Ferry

April 15:  John Brown, abolition and bad historical analogies
April 16:  Lincoln as Abolitionist (1)
April 17:  Lincoln as Abolitionist (2)
April 18:  The real Civl War and the Lost Cause mythology
April 19:  Robert E. Lee the "marble man" (1)
April 20:  Robert E. Lee the "marble man" (2)
April 21:  Robert E. Lee and the war
April 22:  Racial massacres during the war
April 23:  The Free State of Jones
April 24:  Lincoln's religious insights
April 25:  Reconstruction
April 26:  Old times there are not forgotten
April 27:  A contemporary conservative Mississippi view of race
April 28:  Reconstruction and ... Iraq?
April 29:  "Liberal" neo-Confederatism?
April 30:  The Lost Cause vs. reality-based history
             Concluding thoughts on Confederate "Heritage" Month 2005

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