Friday, April 1, 2005

Introducing Confederate "Heritage" Month 2005

It's April Fools Day again.  And that means it's also time for a new Confederate "Heritage" Month celebration here at Old Hickory's Weblog.

We did it last year.  And everyone had so much fun that we're doing a second annual edition this time around.

Yes, April is the month that the neo-Confederate groups celebrate as Confederate Heritage Month.  Last year I mostly relied on another Web site which provided a counter-commemoration post for each day of the month (with an occasional excursion of my own).  They talked about various aspects of the real history of the Confederacy, slavery and the Lost Cause mythology.

This year, I'm going to talk about the same kinds of subjects.  But I'm digging up other material this time from various sources.

For the first two weeks, I'm going to be talking about the prewar period, also known as antebellum times. 

For another week or so, I'll deal with events and people that were particularly prominent during the Civil War itself.

And for the last week, we'll be looking a little at issues relating to the postwar Reconstruction.

So, be sure to tune in this month for each day's sensational revelations about the True History of the Confederacy.  It promises to be more exciting that FOX News!  More incisive than Rush Limbaugh!  And even sexier than Bill O'Reilly!!  Don't miss a single exciting episode.

See also Index to 2005 Confederate "Heritage" Month posts.

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fdtate714 said...

I gave your series a brief mention at Civil War Meanderings (
I haven't posted there much lately.  I've been busy with other things and kind of let it fall by the wayside.  I've been doing a little local history reading and should start posting again there soon.